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Carpenter (Kath Mistri) Service

Door/Window Netting Service

Grill Mistri Services

Home/Office Painting Services

Interior Design service

Mason (Raj Mistri) Service

Mosaic cutting and polishing service

Stainless Steel/Metal Steel Work Service

Thai Glass Fitting Service

Tiles Fitting Service

Services related to masonry, Thai glass fitting, grill masonry, tile fitting, home painting, carpenter, door / window netting are now available at Poshora Renovation Services. Get the services of skilled service providers of Poshora by booking the service you need as per the demand.

All Services of Renovation & Interior Design Services

  • Raj Mistri Services
  • Thai Glass Fitting Service
  • Grill Mistri Services
  • Tiles Fitting Service
  • Home Painting Services
  • Wooden Door Installation and Repair Services
  • Stainless Steel Work Services
  • Interior Design service
  • Carpenter Service
  • Door/Window Netting Service


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