Service providers for Home/Office Disinfection Service

  • Poshora provides free initial problem and risk assessments at your location
  • Indoor-outdoor spaces at your home; office; restaurant; and/or all other residential and commercial spaces
  • Proper safety and health processes – safe for spaces with children; elderly; and pet-friendly
  • Verified and trusted professional pest control and fumigation technicians
  • Same-day service and/or urgent service provisions
  • Secure online payment and transaction tracking after service completion

Home/Office Disinfection Service


While daily cleaning is a must at your office or home, Poshora works with skilled and local Service Providers for Poshora’s Disinfection services, to keep your facility clean and hygienic: 


  1. Thorough disinfection to kill germs and bacteria on surfaces and equipment 
  2. Coverage of large and hard-to-reach areas at home, office, other commercial spaces
  3. Effective cleaning and disinfection solutions used
  4. Pre-scheduled disinfection services to ensure least disruption of work or home life 


Poshora’s Service Providers are experienced technicians with their own equipment and chemical mixtures, who ensure effective and safe fumigation and disinfection services when you need it. Upon request, we will provide additional sessions, based on your requirements. 


Why choose us? 

Pest Control and Disinfection Service Providers with Poshora are skilled and experienced fumigation and professional cleaning experts from local businesses. Poshora ensures that professional Pest Control and Disinfection technicians who partner with us use the right chemical solutions and equipment that protects the treatment area, and keeps the people and pets of your household or office safe. 


Trusted – We ensure all Pest Control and Disinfection experts with Poshora work with reliability, dedication and professionalism.


Timely services – Poshora provides Pest Control and Disinfection Services at the time you need it. We offer pre-scheduled or urgent-basis support, depending on your need. A Poshora representative will be present to ensure time management of the service, along with Service Provider. 


Fair Prices – We ensure Pest Control and Disinfection service providers are charging the right price for the service, and you pay only for what you need without hidden fees or forced extra charges for the service of your choice.


Locally Operated – Poshora’s network of Pest Control and Disinfection technicians and experts are located everywhere in Dhaka. No matter your location, specialized fumigation and cleaning experts will be at your doorstep when you need them. 


Post-service cleanup – Poshora makes sure service providers practice proper clean up processes after completing their service. 


Satisfaction Guaranteed – We value your peace of mind and trust in Poshora. A Poshora representative will be present for time management, and quality assurance on service day, accompanying the service providers.


Booking procedure: 

  1. Book online through website or app- sign in, choose location and desired service. Select a Poshora Service Provider to view services and rates. Book your service! Poshora’s customer support will call to confirm your order within 30 minutes.
  2. Call Poshora hotline – a Poshora Customer Service Officer will confirm your details and preferred schedule, and book a skilled AC technician in your area with best pricing available.


Service Hours:   9 AM to 8 PM everyday


Poshora Customer Care Number: 09638300700