Gardening Services

  • Poshora provide free assessment
  • Supply of good quality trees
  • Assurance of good quality soil and fertilizer
  • Skilled and verified service provider
  • Be worry-free with secure payment and transaction tracking.

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Gardening/Landscaping Service (Rooftop/Open space)

Office/Home Plant & Garden Care Service

Office/Home Plant Rent Service

Soil/Manure Application Service

Who doesn't want to smell the colorful flowers, the palms of the green leaves and the delicious fruits of their own Chad garden. Poshora is bringing gardening service to make your dream come true.

All Services of Gardening Services

  • Rooftop Gardening & Installation Service
  • Fountain Design & Installation Service
  • Plant Care Service
  • Office/Home Plant & Garden Care Service
  • Soil/Manure Application Service
  • Plant Nursery Service


Service Hours:   9 AM to 8 PM

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